Colette Mallison

Colly has lungs like bellows, lips of steel and the most wonderful infectious laugh. What’s not to love?

Favourite Piece of Music: Steppenwolf’s ‘Wild Thing’
Q: What do you think defines a brass band (apart from the instruments!)?
A: When I think of a brass band I think of communities, in particular the northern mining communities. I think the connection between a brass band and their community is still an important if not integral feature.



chris1Chris Barnes

Chris is note perfect. Every time. A real safe pair of hands. He’s also the world’s smallest cornet player.

Favourite Piece of Music: Dire Straits’ ‘Tunnel of Love’
Q: What piece of music makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up on end?
A: William Walton’s ‘Touch her soft lips and part’. Beautiful music.