tim1Solo Horn

Tim Pool

Tim has been with CoBB since 1998. Following a short spell on sop (which he doesn’t like to talk about), Tim has enjoyed great success on rep, flugel and principal cornet and collected multiple soloist’s prizes en-route to his current seat.

Favourite test piece: Year of the Dragon

Banding highlight: Being told “great flugel sound mate” by Dave King in the old YBS bandroom.

Highest note: Super A

Most likely to say: “Right…basses then trombones , then horns…..”

Least likely to say: “I totally nailed those semis in the fast section.”

1st Horn

Coming soon



ALICE12nd Horn

Alice Pool

Little Al loves our band, when she zips up her CoBB jacket, she does it with pride.  She enjoys the simple things in life like playing a hymn tune and laughing at Wally’s socks.

Favourite piece: All Night Long by Lionel Richie.

Scotch Eggs or Pickled Eggs?: Neither!