Principal Percussion & Band Manager

John Mallinson

John is like the ravens at the tower of London – everything would fall apart without him. He is also the funkiest drummer in the world.





Les Tobbit

Favourite Piece of Music: It changes from day to day, but at the moment it would to be either ‘Beautiful Day’ by Elbow or ‘The Theme from Schindler’s List’ by John Williams. Both differnt, but both fantastic.
Q: What piece of music makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end?
A: The middle movement of Philip Sparke’s ‘Year of the Dragon’. Not only is it an earth-shatteringly beautiful melody, but Sparke is ony of the few composers that also knows how to write for percussion.



Harry Lewis

The youngest player in the band – Harry is a very talented and cool young dude.

Favourite test piece: A King’s Lie
Favourite composer: Gustav Holst
Favourite pop group: Muse
Favourite food: Vegetable samosa
Hobby: Fantasy football
Career highlight: Playing at the Yorkshire area in the Championship section
Harry fact: I can name match (most) countries to their flag!


Jonathan Fennell

Another exemplary bandsman, Jonny has “been around” the band over the years. Having done stints on tenor horn and E flat bass, he now shows considerable flair on tuned percussion. He’s a proper rhythm section man!



Stephanie_Payne Percussion

Steph Payne

The bands’ most recent percussion addition, Steph really knows her way around a xylophone but is more than a match for our other shed builders on any drum really.








Matt Bamforth

Matt is really good at hitting things. He destroyed an entire set of tubular bells before our nationals performance in 2017. He’s a pretty bad driver though.