Anna_JacksonSolo Eb Tuba

Anna Jackson

“What’s that sound?”  – Just Jacko being awesome. As usual.








 blank-player-150Eb Tuba







 BBb Tuba

Richard Walshaw

Richard, or Wally to his mates has been lucky enough to play alongside some of the best double B players in the game – one or two tricks have even rubbed off on him!

Favourite Testpiece: Blitz

Double B Hero: Derek Jackson

Career Highlight: Depping at the 2016 European in Lille.

Hip Hop or Be Bop?: Both please!

Favourite Animal: Weasel


Gordon_Eddison BBb Tuba

Gordon Eddison

Gordon brings a wealth of top-level bass playing experience to the section. He is also an award-winning, international ferret trainer.