Sarah BillardSolo Eb Tuba

Sarah Billard

Sarah joined us in 2016 after stints with South Yorkshire Police and Thoresby. She studied at Huddersfield and following periods of experimentation with euphonium and baritone has found her home, creating big, classy sounds on our solo E flat seat.

Favourite test piece: The Legend of King Arthur

Favourite banding moment: Qualifying for RAH at the 2017 Yorkshire Area.

Sarah Facts: Addicted to Mango Chutney, plays violin badly (isn’t all violin playing bad?)




 blank-player-150Eb Tuba

 Anna Jackson






 Solo Bb Tuba

Richard Walshaw

Richard, or Wally to his mates has been lucky enough to play alongside some of the best double B players in the game – one or two tricks have even rubbed off on him!

Favourite Testpiece: Blitz

Double B Hero: Derek Jackson

Career Highlight: Depping at the 2016 European in Lille.

Hip Hop or Be Bop?: Both please!

Favourite Animal: Weasel



Bb Tuba

Paul Drury

Paul likes doing jigsaws, speaks fluent Croatian and lives on a diet of pickled onions.





Bb Tuba

Simon Hunter

Simon oozes talent and brings much needed style, sophistication, and a wonderfully rich vocabulary to the bass section.

Favourite Piece of Music: Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’
Q: If you were to recommend a piece of brass band music to someone who had never heard a brass band before, what would it be?
A: I’d have to pick Peter Graham’s ‘Blazon’ to prove that Brass Bands aren’t twee. Indeed, brass band musicians have to be incredibly versatile in their music making. This piece of music showcases the need for versatility while also being a fantastic piece of music to listen to.