Anna_JacksonSolo Eb Tuba

Anna Jackson

“What’s that sound?”  – Just Jacko being awesome. As usual.









Eb Tuba

Peter Denton

Pete is an highly skilled exponent of the tuba.

He is also highly experienced in the fields of beer, curry,

gin, prog rock and strange cars.








 BBb Tuba

Richard Walshaw

Richard, or Wally to his mates has been lucky enough to play alongside some of the best double B players in the game – one or two tricks have even rubbed off on him!

Favourite Testpiece: Blitz

Double B Hero: Derek Jackson

Career Highlight: Depping at the 2016 European in Lille.

Hip Hop or Be Bop?: Both please!

Favourite Animal: Weasel


Gordon_Eddison BBb Tuba

Gordon Eddison

Gordon brings a wealth of top-level bass playing experience to the section. He is also an award-winning, international ferret trainer.